Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe?

The focus of our wine club is education, curation, and getting to know you so we can provide a more customized service. We want to have remarkable customer service and cannot do it without getting to know you. Oh, and you get 10% off all the time!

What if I only drink white wine or red wine?

This club is intended to introduce our members to new and exciting wines/regions…we hope to broaden our members scope of knowledge, especially when pairing food.

When are the pick up parties?

We will host a pick up party the first Monday of each month, after hours from 6-8pm, unless there is a holiday. We will always send an email confirming pick up party dates.

What happens if I miss the pick up party?

No problem! Wines are available for pick up anytime.

Can other household members attend the pick up party?

Member events are for the subscribed member. We welcome multiple memberships per
household, that way no one is left out.

Can someone else pick up my wines?

Wines can be picked up with an email verification and valid ID.

Coming Soon!

This exclusive membership will offer access to allocated and collectible products, allowing you to explore rare and unique selections curated just for you.

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